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母親節英文歌曲 -兒童
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36  /  36 Videos
1.  On Mother's Day | Mothers Day Song | Kids Song | The Kiboomers
2.  The Bouncing Mommy (Mother's Day movement song for children)
3.  Happy Mother's Day / Mother's Day Songs for Children
4.  I Love My Mommy | Mother's Day Song for Kids | Happy Mothers Day Song | The Kiboomers
5.  The Mothers Day Song for Kids
6.  Mother's Day Song for Children - Wheels on the Bus
7.  Mother's Day Poem for Kids | Happy Mother's Day from Tea Time with Tayla
8.  I Love You Mommy Mothers Day Song For Children
9.  I Love You Mommy | Mother's Day Song for Kids | Happy Mothers Day Song | The Kiboomers
10.  The Mother's Day Song: A funny song for Mother's Day
11.  Mother's Day Hymn: "Amazing Mothers" (sung to tune of Amazing Grace)
12.  Mother's Day Children's Song: "21st Century Mother"
13.  I Love You Mommy Song | Mother's Day | Kids Song | The Kiboomers
14.  Cute "Happy Mothers Day" Song for Mom (Official)
15.  Thank You God For My Mother (music video) (Mother's Day)
16.  Preschool songs for Mother's Day - I Love My Mommy - Littlestorybug
17.  Childrens Choir Mothers Day Song 2010
18.  Mariah Carey - Hero [Lyrics] ---BETTER VERSION---
19.  Mother's Day Song / Birthday Song for Moms: Mom's Song.
20.  The Mom Song - A special dedication to mothers
21.  Emma Marie Henderson - I Love My Mom - music video (Written by Dennis Caraher)
22.  MY MOM.mov
23.  Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman (Official Video)
24.  A MOM LIKE YOU .mov
25.  Because You Loved Me [with lyrics!]
26.  Mariah Carey - Hero lyrics
27.  Boyz II Men A Song For Mama Lyrics
28.  Thank You Mother
29.  Close To You-Lyrics Happy-Mothers Day
30.  Mother's Day at Maggie's Preschool
31.  The Mom Song with lyrics
32.  Poem ----Mother's day (Child's voice )
33.  My Mom Is Amazing
34.  Thank You Mom
35.  The Woman God Wants Her to Be - Mother's Day Song
36.  A Tribute to Mom - One Heartbeat At A Time
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