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Saltwater Fishing
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1.  Catching Texas Redfish and Flounder - With Bonus Cold Front Fishing Tips
2.  How to Clean a Striper - Easy Way to Fillet a Striped Bass
3.  How to Fillet a Skate or Ray (Skate Wings)
4.  Casting Crank Baits for Sea Bass
5.  Our New Boat is Finally Here!
6.  Drop Shot and Jigging Combo for Sea Bass and Scup
7.  Jigging for Cod, Pollock, and Mackerel
8.  How to Clean a Crab - The Quick and Easy Way
9.  Jigging for Stripers with Twister Tails
10.  How to Catch Mackerel
11.  Sea Bass Slaughter with the Stingnose using a Simple Technique - Non-Stop Double and Triple Headers!
12.  Huge Top Water Striper Triple-Header! Crazy Top Water Action!
13.  Fast Sea Bass Multi-Header Jigging Action!
14.  Trolling for Sea Bass with the American Smelt Crank Bait
15.  How to Fillet a Fish the Easy Way
16.  Quadruple-Header Sea Bass Catching - Jigging with Boa Jig'r and Artificial Bait
17.  Catching Blue Catfish in James River, Virginia (With Cut Bait)
18.  The Tastiest Part of a Fish - How to Fillet the Cheeks | Thundermist Quick Fishing Tip
19.  Boatless Angler - Top Water Striper Tips
20.  Shore Fishing for Salmon on the Fraser River, BC
21.  New! Stingnose Jigging Spoons (And Jigging Spoon Tips)
22.  Fluke Fishing in Raritan Bay, NJ (Sandy Hook)
23.  Trolling Tips for Bluefish in Shallow Channels
24.  How to Catch Crabs - Blue Crab Crabbing Tips
25.  Boatless Angler - Night Bite Striper - Shore Fishing for Striped Bass using Spearing
26.  How to Fillet a Shark - Simple Way to Clean a Shark
27.  NEW! The Teaser-T - The First Ever Inline Teaser Rig for Saltwater and Freshwater
28.  Fish Fighting Techniques | Tips to Help you Land More Fish
29.  Drop Shot Rigging Jigging - The T-Drop and Flexi-Jig Winning Combo
30.  Triple Headers! Jigging with a Powerful Combination Rig: Bucktails and Teaser-T's
31.  How to Care for your Fishing Reel after Fishing in Saltwater | Thundermist Quick Fishing Tip
32.  Jack Crevalle and Black Grouper Fishing in the Florida Keys
33.  Jigging with the New Bucktail Flexi-Jigs to Catch Sea Bass, Tautog, Scup, and Bluefish
34.  Special: Unexpected Sturgeon Footage in British Columbia
35.  Flexi-Jigging for Sea Bass, Scup, and Tautog using Artificial Twister Tails and Artificial Crabs
36.  Jigging for Keeper Cod with the Flexi Jig - Cape Cod Saltwater Fishing
37.  Grouper and Shark in the Florida Keys (Marathon)
38.  Tips on Bottom Drifting for Fluke, Black Sea Bass, Scup/Porgie with the Viper Spoons
39.  How to Catch Grouper in the Florida Keys
40.  Flat-Lining for Bluefish with the SS Viper Spoons
41.  How to Jig for Saltwater Cod - Part 1
42.  How to Easily and Properly Break a Snagged Fishing Line
43.  Casting Techniques - 5 Styles and Methods of Casting with your Fishing Rod
44.  How to Jig for Saltwater Cod - Part 2
45.  Drifting for California Halibut
46.  How to Rig a Live Minnow for Maximum Action - Different Ways to Hook Minnows
47.  Thundermist Fishing Tips - Subscribe To Your Weekly Fishing Show
48.  Spoon Feeding Fluke using Viper Spoons, Flexi-Jigs, and Slimers Bait
49.  Jigging Up Fluke, Sea Bass, Scup, and Sea Robin - Saltwater Fishing
50.  Saltwater Fishing Tips for Bluefish and Weakfish - Jigging with the Only Jig that Flexes
51.  Fluke Fishing With the SS Viper Spoon - How to Catch Summer Flounder
52.  The Flexi-Jig from Thundermist Lure Company
53.  The SS Viper Spoon from Thundermist Lure Company
54.  How to Get Perfect Hooksets - Using the Flexi-Jigs to Catch Sea Bass
55.  The "Super Strong" SS Viper Spoons!
56.  Saltwater Fishing in Cape Cod (Full Length TV Show)
57.  Saltwater Fishing in Buzzards Bay for Sea Bass
58.  Tips on Using your Drag, Fish Fighting Tips, and Tips on Rod Positioning
59.  Tips and Tricks - How To Catch Black Sea Bass
60.  Jigging Tips for Weakfish - Jigging using T-Turns and Teaser Rigs
61.  Jigging for Sea Bass in Buzzards Bay using Bucktails
62.  Jigging for Sea Bass with Bucktails and the Boa Jig'r
63.  Fluke, Sea Bass, and Bluefish FIshing using Viper Spoons and Boa Jig'rs
64.  Tautog, Seabass, and Fluke with the Boa Jigr and Viper Spoon
65.  How to Catch Bluefish - Using Viper Spoons Baited with Whole Mackerel
66.  Jigging for Sea Bass with a Bonus Blue Fish
67.  Fishing Cape Cod for Striper - Big Striper Double Header!
68.  Using a Live Bait Rig with the T-Turn for Stripers
69.  How to Rig Your SP5 Viper Spoon - Rigging With Live and Artificial Bait
70.  How to fillet a Cod - Catching Sea Bass and Cod then Cod Cleaning
71.  Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Lure Highlight - The Viper Spoon - Two Unique Actions in One Lure
72.  Saltwater Jigging for Striper and Bluefish using Bucktails and the Boa Jig'r
73.  Using the Viper Spoon to Catch Sea Bass and Fluke
74.  New and Exciting Casting Spoon by Thundermist Lure Company for 2010 - The Python Darter
75.  How to Rig Your Python Darter - A Casting Spoon Made to be Rigged with Artificial or Live Bait
76.  Great Flounder Rigging - How to Catch Flounder - Fluke Fishing
77.  How To Rig Your Viper Spoon
78.  How to Catch Huge Black Sea Bass -Saltwater Sea Bass Fishing
79.  How to Catch Bluefish, Bigger Bluefish, and More Bluefish - Saltwater Bluefish Fishing
80.  New Saltwater Fishing Lure and Freshwater Fishing Lure
81.  New Fishing Lure to Launch on March 20, 2008
82.  March 20th New Fishing Lure Launch - Update
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