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The Mikado
  5 Review
63  /  63 Videos
1.  Mikado Overture
2.  There Is Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast
3.  Alone, And Yet Alive!
4.  On A Tree By A River
5.  The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze
6.  And Have I Journeyed For A Month
7.  Were I Not To Ko Ko Plighted
8.  Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
9.  Here's A How De Do!
10.  I Am So Proud
11.  As Some Day It May Happen
12.  See How The Fates Their Gifts Allot
13.  Behold The Lord High Executioner
14.  Young Man, Despair
15.  The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
16.  If You Want To Know Who We Are
17.  Braid The Raven Hair
18.  Our Great Mikado, Virtuous Man
19.  So Please You, Sir
20.  A Wand'ring Minstrel I
21.  For He's Gone And Married Yum Yum
22.  A More Humane Mikado
23.  Three Little Maids From School Are We
24.  Comes A Train Of Little Ladies
25.  The Criminal Cried
26.  The Mikado For He's Gone To Marry Yum Yum
27.  The Mikado The Criminal Cried As He Dropped Him Down
28.  With Aspect Stern And Gloomy Stride
29.  The Mikado There Is Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast
30.  Mi ya sama
31.  The Mikado The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
32.  The Mikado Alone And Yet Alive
33.  The Mikado On A Tree By A River
34.  The Mikado See How The Fates Their Gifts Allot
35.  The Mikado A More Humane Mikado Never Did In Japan Exist
36.  The Mikado MI-YA-SA-MA MI-YA-SA-MA
37.  The Mikado Here's A How De Do
38.  The Mikado Braid The Raven Hair
39.  The Mikado Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
40.  The Mikado With Laughing Song
41.  The Mikado I've Got A Little List
42.  The Mikado So Please You Sir We Must Regret
43.  The Mikado I Am So Proud
44.  The Mikado The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze
45.  The Mikado Were You Not To Ko Ko Plighted
46.  The Mikado Young Man Despair
47.  The Mikado A Wandering Minstral
48.  The Mikado The Lord's High Executioner
49.  The Mikado Three Little Maids
50.  The Mikado As Someday It May Happen
51.  Mikado clip 9 - Katisha & KoKo
52.  The Mikado If You Want To Know Who We Are
53.  Mikado clip 10 - Introduction
54.  The Mikado Our Great Mikado
55.  The Mikado Overture
56.  Mikado clip 5 - Pooh-Bah
57.  Mikado clip 8 - Katisha - The Flowers of Spring
58.  Mikado clip 6 - Yes, I am pretty!
59.  Mikado clip 4 - Nanki-Poo
60.  Mikado clip 7 - Here's a how-de-do!
61.  Mikado clip 3 - He's going to marry Yum-Yum
62.  Mikado clip 1 - I've got a little list
63.  Mikado clip 2 - Three Little Maids
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Tags: The Mikado,日本天皇,The Mikado 日本天皇,Arthur Sullivan,亞瑟•蘇利文,William S. Gilbert,威廉•S•吉伯特,歌劇,音樂劇