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李心潔 Sinje Lee
  3 個評分
34  /  34 Videos
1.  李心潔 謝祖武 Sinje Lee & William Hsieh【你的好 Your Tenderness】Official Music Video
2.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【謝謝你的愛】Official Music Video
3.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【對不起我不愛你】Official Music Video
4.  李心潔 華MV
5.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【戀 Love】Official Music Video
6.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【第一次約會 The first date】Official Music Video
7.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【雷陣雨】Official Music Video
8.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【像你】Official Music Video
9.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【慢跑鞋 Jogging shoes】Official Music Video
10.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【愛像大海】Official Music Video
11.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【童年 Childhood】Official Music Video
12.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【愛來愛去】Official Music Video
13.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【自由 Free】Official Music Video
14.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【喜歡 Intimate feeling of you】Official Music Video
15.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【想飛 Fly】Official Music Video
16.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【奢侈品】Official Music Video
17.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【怎麼了 What’s wrong】Official Music Video
18.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【自由 Free】Official Music Video (Remix版)
19.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【沒完沒了】Official Music Video
20.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【飛 Fly away】Official Music Video
21.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【同一個星空下 Under the same starry sky】Official Music Video
22.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【口袋 The pocket】Official Music Video
23.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【Don't Make Me Cry】Official Music Video
24.  李心潔 Sinje Lee&DEAR MOM【Don't make me cry】Official Music Video
25.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【又下雨了 It’s raining again】Official Music Video
26.  任賢齊 Richie Jen&李心潔 Sinje Lee【為了愛 For love】Official Music Video
27.  任賢齊 Richie Jen&李心潔 Sinje Lee【風暴 Storm】Official Music Video
28.  李心潔-裙擺搖搖 (官方完整版Comix)
29.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【BYE BYE】Official Music Video
30.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【Happy tune】Official Music Video
31.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【裙擺搖搖 The skirt dancing to the wind】Official Music Video
32.  李心潔 Sinje Lee【愛錯】Official Music Video
33.  李心潔 - 永遠的微笑
34.  The Little Mermmaid Part of your World 李心潔版-我永遠相信(自制MV動畫版)
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