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Travel North / South America Overview

Travel -US -Detroit
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1.  Detroit Radio: "WJR: One of a Kind" 1966; Lowell Thomas & JP McCarthy
2.  Russell Bazaar | Discover Detroit TV | Visit Detroit | Detroit Michigan
3.  Detroit Radio: "WJR: One of a Kind" 1966; Lowell Thomas
4.  Speedboat Race: International Gold Cup Regatta 1937 Chevrolet Newsreel
5.  Horses of Detroit Mounted Police 1937 Chevrolet Leader News Newsreel
6.  Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
7.  Arab American National Museum
8.  Sherwood Brewery | Discover Detroit TV | Visit Detroit | Detroit Michigan
9.  Detroit Institute of Arts
10.  Detroit Historical Museum
11.  Holocaust Memorial Center
12.  Morley Candy Factory
13.  Best Western Sterling Inn
14.  Cranbrook Institute of Science
15.  Walter P. Chrysler Museum
16.  Old Shillelagh Irish Pub | Greektown | Visit Detroit
17.  MGM Grand Detroit
18.  The Inn on Ferry Street
19.  The Village of Rochester Hills | Shopping | Visit Detroit
20.  Elwood Bar and Grill | Visit Detroit | Detroit Michigan
21.  Best Restaurant In Downtown Detroit
22.  Rochester Hills MI The Village Fine Art Gallery.avi
23.  Dakota Inn Rathskeller | Visit Detroit
24.  Detroit International Jazz Festival | Video 2 | Visit Detroit
25.  Trip to Detroit's Eastern Market
26.  Henry Ford Biography
27.  Early Chrysler History Pt. 1
28.  An Architectural Walking Tour of Detroit: David Stott Bldg, Lafayette Bldg, Federal Court Bldg
29.  Haab's Restaurant
30.  Detroit Cycling Tour: Mexicantown
31.  Detroit Driving Tour - Michigan Central Depot
32.  Detroit Science Center by OFFICIALBESTOF.COM TV & TRAVEL
33.  Detroits Best Barbecue
34.  Go Behind the Scenes of the Detroit Science Center
35.  Ford Model T - 100 Years Later
36.  Detroit Riverfront
37.  Detroit Downtown by Erik Hastings
38.  NWA 241 Ft. Lauderdale to Detroit Landing
39.  NWA DC-9 taking off from Detroit
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