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Knowledge World Documentary

Robots and Robotics
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1.  1940s Robots: "Leave It to Roll-Oh" 1940 Chevrolet; Robotics Fiction & Fact
2.  Crazy Engineering: RoboSimian Robot 2015 NASA JPL; DARPA Robotics Challenge
3.  Robot Safety: Robot Reality 1990 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
4.  Robonaut: The Next Step In Robotics circa 2000 NASA; Handyman Robot
5.  DARPA Robotics Challenge Final Highlights + Ride Along with RoboSimian 2015 DARPA NASA JPL
6.  Mars Curiosity Rover: "12 Months in 2 Minutes: Curiosity's 1st Year on Mars" 2013 NASA JPL; JQ Music
7.  Robot Design: "Meet ATLAS" 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge
8.  ATLAS Robot Gets an Upgrade 2015 DARPA
9.  Ultra-fast, the robotic arm catches objects on the fly
10.  NASA Robot for DARPA: "Ape-Like RoboSimian" 2013 NASA JPL; Stanford Hand & JPL Robotics
11.  Mars Curiosity Rover Report: "Trek to Mount Sharp Begins" July 11, 2013 NASA - JPL
12.  Mars Curiosity Rover Ready to Switch Gears June 7, 2013 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13.  Mars Curiosity Rover: One Year on Mars 2013 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14.  Mars Curiosity Rover Readies for Second Drilling 2013 NASA JPL
15.  Mars Curiosity Rover Report: "Curiosity's Cameras" 2013 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
16.  Mars Rover Sample Return Mission 1988 NASA
17.  Galileo: The Jovian Laboratory circa 1989 NASA Galileo Jupiter Orbiter
18.  Robot Astronaut Helper 1988 NASA; EVA Retriever Demo at Manipulator Development Facility
19.  Pluto Spacecraft: "New Horizons Mission Update" Nov 2008 NASA
20.  Viking Mars Landers Preview: "First US Mars Landing" 1976 NASA
21.  Voyager Encounters Uranus 1986 NASA Voyager 2 Post-Flyby Briefing, Miranda Closeups
22.  Mars Curiosity Rover, Mars Science Lab: "Getting a Rover Ready for Launch" 2011 NASA JPL
23.  Robotic Lunar Lander Completes Multiple Outdoor Flight 2011 NASA MSFC 2min
24.  Mars Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars 2012 NASA-JPL Caltech-MSSS Mars Descent Imager
25.  Voyager Interstellar Mission: "Voyager 35 Years Later" 2012 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
26.  Mars Rover Opportunity 309 End-of-Drive Images 2008-2011 NASA JPL 720 HD
27.  Mars Curiosity Rover - Mars Science Laboratory MMRTG Power System 2011 NASA JPL 720 HD 3min
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