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British Accent -Learn British English Free - British Pronunciation
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18  /  18 Videos
1.  British English Accent Pronunciation Practice
2.  British English Pronunciation Practice II (with captions)
3.  American vs British Pronunciation: 7 words to look out for
4.  Learn British English Free: Pronunciation Challenge (Months)
5.  British English Pronunciation Practice IX (with free captions)
6.  British English vs American English Pronunciation: /d/ or /ʤ/
7.  British English Pronunciation Practice VII (FREE with captions)
8.  Learn British English Pronunciation Free: strong and weak forms
9.  British English Pronunciation Practice III - FREE (with captions)
10.  British English Pronunciation Practice V with captions / subtitles
11.  British English Pronunciation Practice VIII (with captions - FREE)
12.  British English accent training lesson video 8: pronunciation party
13.  British English Pronunciation Practice IV (with captions / subtitles)
14.  British English Pronunciation Practice VI (with captions / subtitles)
15.  Learn British English Free: Pronunciation Challenge (Days of the Week)
16.  Learn British English Free: Pronunciation Challenge (Letters of the Alphabet)
17.  British English accent training lesson 4: pronunciation tips and British accents
18.  British English Accent Training Lesson 39: Pronunciation Party #2 (with captions and phonetics)
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