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西洋花藝 - Gordon Lee - 節日花藝設計系列
  4 Review
25  /  25 Videos
1.  B145 Chinese New Year flower arrangement賀年鮮花籃
2.  B121 大型賀年花藝創作 Creative Floral Design for Chinese New Year
3.  B125 Flower Bouquet for Mother's Day 母親節花束包裝
4.  B 120 賀年特色花藝設計 Special Floral Design for Chinese New Year
5.  CH 32 教堂賀年花藝擺設 Church Floral Design for Chinese New Year
6.  B106 How to make a Special X'mas Flower Pillar 特色聖誕花柱設計
7.  B117 Floral Design Armature x Suspensive style 架構懸垂式花藝創作
8.  B109 Gordon Lee 特色鮮花籃 Creative Flower Basket
9.  B 119 賀年絲花擺設 Silk Flower Arangement for Chinese Lunar New Year
10.  B 115 Christmas Creative Floral Design 聖誕特色花藝擺設
11.  教堂插花, Church flower arrangement, arrangements de fleurs de l'église, arreglos florales Iglesia,CH25
12.  B79 Gift for Mother's Day by Gordon Lee
13.  CH 20 『八福臨門』賀年教堂擺設 Church Flower for Chinese Lunar New Year
14.  B62 賀年特色擺設 Special Arrangement for Chinese New Yea
15.  CH 26 Church Flower For Mother's Day
16.  Advanced Flower Arrangement "Sewing Skill" 高級插花「縫合式」Adv-07-B58.mp4
17.  B52 特色聖誕枱花 Christmas Creative Centerpiece/wreath
18.  B59 賀年擺設系列 Creative Beidermeier for Chinese New Year
19.  B56 特色賀年鮮花擺設 Special New Year Arrangement
20.  B57 賀年鮮花擺設系列 New Year Arrangement series
21.  B50 Christmas series 平台三段式花藝組合 Triple Arrangement of Platform Style by Gordon Lee
22.  CH 17 聖誕教堂擺設 Christmas Church Flower Arrangement #17
23.  E15 聖誕鮮花籃製作 X's mas Flower Basket
24.  B48 聖誕絲花擺設 X'mas Silk Flower Gordon Lee
25.  B51 聖誕絲花擺設 Christmas Silk Flower Decoration
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Tags: 西洋花藝 Gordon Lee 節日花藝設計系列