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Ingleton Pottery -2014年拉坯示範
  2 個評分
26  /  26 Videos
1.  Simple Pottery Techniques : Easy circular cut out punch design
2.  Simple Pottery Decoration tips : The Chattering Tool Design
3.  Pottery Carving / Piercing a geometric pattern on a clay bowl
4.  Throwing / Making some altered Clay Pottery Petal Bowls on the wheel
5.  Finished & Fired Youtube Pottery Pieces Photo Slideshow
6.  Making a Pottery Lighthouse on the Wheel Video
7.  Carving / Piercing a Pottery Bowl : How to carve clay
8.  Throwing a Big Wide Clay Pottery Vase on the Wheel
9.  Attempting to make a huge 2 piece clay pot on the wheel. Oops !
10.  Throwing / Making pottery bowls with lug handles the easy way.
11.  Making a Square Pottery Vase with a round top
12.  Throwing a round vase on the wheel.
13.  Throwing / Making a 6lb Round Pottery Clay Vase on the wheel
14.  Throwing / Making a Tall 6 pound Clay Pottery Vase on the Wheel
15.  Throwing a Fluted rimmed Fruit Bowl on the Wheel.
16.  Throwing / Making Earthenware Trumpet wall vases on the wheel.
17.  Making / throwing a Pottery Candlestick on the wheel
18.  How to throw / make a Pottery Casserole & lid on the wheel
19.  Throwing a very simple Pottery Soap Holder Plate on the wheel
20.  Throwing a Fluted edged Pottery Pie Plate / Dish on the wheel
21.  Throwing / Making a simple Pottery Soap Dish
22.  Throwing / Making a torn ragged rimmed pottery bowl on the wheel
23.  Throwing some commemorative Teapot stands on the wheel.
24.  Throwing some very simple pottery Plant Pots
25.  Making , Trimming & Decorating a large pottery plate on the wheel
26.  Throwing / Making some Flower shaped altered pottery bowls on the wheel
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