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Google Cloud Next 17- Infrastructure and Operations
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1.  24/7 resiliency (Google Cloud Next '17)
2.  Bigtable in action (Google Cloud Next '17)
3.  Metrics that matter (Google Cloud Next '17)
4.  Persistent Disk Deep Dive (Google Cloud Next '17)
5.  Saving Money on Compute Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
6.  Managing the hybrid data lifecycle (Google Cloud Next '17)
7.  Open as a Disruptor for Government (Google Cloud Next '17)
8.  Lifecycle of a migrated application (Google Cloud Next '17)
9.  Google Infrastructure Security Design (Google Cloud Next '17)
10.  Guide to Google Cloud Platform billing (Google Cloud Next '17)
11.  Kubernetes and Google Container Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
12.  Stackdriver: monitor, diagnose, and fix (Google Cloud Next '17)
13.  Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones (Google Cloud Next '17)
14.  Managing encryption of data in the cloud (Google Cloud Next '17)
15.  How Descartes Labs uses PostgreSQL on GCP (Google Cloud Next '17)
16.  Google Cloud Platform for day-to-day ITOps (Google Cloud Next '17)
17.  What I wish my CIO knew about Google Cloud (Google Cloud Next '17)
18.  Best practices for Enterprise AI Assistants (Google Cloud Next '17)
19.  Building scalable apps with Cloud Datastore (Google Cloud Next '17)
20.  How Enterprises Migrate (Securely) to Cloud (Google Cloud Next '17)
21.  The Innovation behind Google’s Data Centers (Google Cloud Next '17)
22.  Optimize Cloud SQL performance and availability (Google Cloud Next '17)
23.  Supercharge performance using GPUs in the cloud (Google Cloud Next '17)
24.  Scalable Deployments and Updates in Compute Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
25.  Selecting the right storage class for your use-case (Google Cloud Next '17)
26.  Designing reliable systems with cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud Next '17)
27.  Improving utilization and portability with containers (Google Cloud Next '17)
28.  Running Microsoft SQL Server on Google Compute Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
29.  Hybrid Cloud Storage Tiering with Google Cloud Storage (Google Cloud Next '17)
30.  A cloud networking blueprint for securing your workloads (Google Cloud Next '17)
31.  ABCs of Google Container Engine: tips and best practices (Google Cloud Next '17)
32.  Cloud Spanner 201: getting the most out of Cloud Spanner (Google Cloud Next '17)
33.  How to implement Cloud-scale rendering in Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Next '17)
34.  Keeping patient healthcare data secure on Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Next '17)
35.  Large scale and batch computing on Google Compute Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
36.  From blobs to relational tables: Where do I store my Data? (Google Cloud Next '17)
37.  Take your ASP.NET apps to the next level with Google Cloud (Google Cloud Next '17)
38.  Designing and implementing disaster recovery systems in GCP (Google Cloud Next '17)
39.  Sensitive data management for collaborative research clouds (Google Cloud Next '17)
40.  Cloud networking solutions that support hybrid cloud workloads (Google Cloud Next '17)
41.  Third-party networking solutions for layer 7 networking on GCP (Google Cloud Next '17)
42.  Deploying Windows-based infrastructure on Google Compute Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
43.  Google Container Engine and the path to cloud-native operations (Google Cloud Next '17)
44.  How Airbus scales pools of worker for satellite images processing (Google Cloud Next '17)
45.  Waze: migrating a multi million user app to Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Next '17)
46.  Gaining full control over your organization's cloud resources (Google Cloud Next '17)
47.  Spinnaker: continuous delivery from first principles to production (Google Cloud Next '17)
48.  Best practices for Identity and Access Management on Compute Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
49.  Lessons learned from securing both Google and Google Cloud customers (Google Cloud Next '17)
50.  Cloud Spanner 101: Google's mission-critical relational database (Google Cloud Next '17)
51.  Deciding between Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine and more (Google Cloud Next '17)
52.  Writing Infinitely Scalable and High Performance Apps with App Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
53.  Google Cloud Storage: tips for reliability, performance and scalability (Google Cloud Next '17)
54.  Case Study: A peek into how Vendasta uses Google's security posture (Google Cloud Next '17)
55.  Secure, private environments in the cloud & on-prem with Virtual Clouds (Google Cloud Next ‘17)
56.  Smart, Secure, and Modern app delivery for enterprises and cloud-natives (Google Cloud Next '17)
57.  Google Container Engine - The easiest way to use containers in production (Google Cloud Next '17)
58.  Storage on GCP: building solutions for media, financial services and more (Google Cloud Next '17)
59.  The ins and outs of networking in Google Container Engine and Kubernetes (Google Cloud Next '17)
60.  Build user trust: running containers securely with Google Container Engine (Google Cloud Next '17)
61.  Google Cloud Platform's resilient and scalable software-defined cloud (Google Cloud Next '17)
62.  Best practices for managing Container Engine Clusters across multiple teams (Google Cloud Next '17)
63.  Bigtable, BigQuery, and iCharts for ingesting and visualizing data at scale (Google Cloud Next '17)
64.  Alerting best practices - the thin line between informing and over-informing (Google Cloud Next '17)
65.  Globally scalable microservices with Container Engine & Cloud Load Balancing (Google Cloud Next ‘17)
66.  Cloud Datastore 101: Overview of Google's scalable NoSQL document database (Google Cloud Next '17)
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