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Lifestyle Entertainment LEGO

LEGO Dimensions reviews, play & builds
  5 Review
78  /  78 Videos
1.  Farewell, LEGO Dimensions
2.  LEGO Dimensions in-hand preview: Teen Titans GO! Powerpuff Girls & Beetlejuice
3.  LEGO Dimensions City / Chase McCain Fun Pack toys review! 71266
4.  LEGO Dimensions Hermione Granger Fun Pack toys review! 71348
5.  LEGO Dimensions The Goonies Level Pack toys review! 71267
6.  LEGO Dimensions Excalibur Batman Fun Pack toys review! 71344
7.  LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack toys review!
8.  LEGO Dimensions Gremlins Team Pack toy review!
9.  LEGO Dimensions Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack toys review!
10.  LEGO Dimensions Knight Rider Fun Pack toys review! 71286
11.  LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack toy review! 71246
12.  LEGO Dimensions E.T. Fun Pack toys review! 71258
13.  LEGO Dimensions Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack review! 71239
14.  LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack toy review! 71245
15.  LEGO Dimensions A-Team Fun Pack toy review! 71251
16.  LEGO Dimensions
17.  LEGO Dimensions DC Comics Bane fun pack review! 71240
18.  LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Slimer Fun Pack review! 71241
19.  LEGO Dimensions Stay Puft Fun Pack toys review! 71233
20.  LEGO Dimensions: ALL 80+ minifigs & items waves 1-4!
21.  LEGO Dimensions DC Comics Team Pack review! 71229
22.  LEGO Dimensions Midway Arcade Level Pack toy review! 71235
23.  LEGO Dimensions Sensei Wu Fun Pack toys reviewed! 71234
24.  LEGO Dimensions Superman Fun pack review! 71236
25.  LEGO Dimensions Aquaman Fun Pack toys review! 71237
26.  LEGO Dimensions Doc Brown BTTF Fun Pack toys review! 71230
27.  LEGO Dimensions
28.  LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Fun Pack toys review! 71238
29.  LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Level Pack toys review! 71228
30.  LEGO Dimensions
31.  LEGO Dimensions Bart Simpson Fun Pack items review!
32.  LEGO Dimensions Unikitty Fun Pack items reviewed!
33.  LEGO Dimensions The Simpsons: Krusty the Clown Fun Pack item review!
34.  LEGO Dimensions Super Angry Kitty physical replicas
35.  LEGO Dimensions Ninjago (Kai & Cole) Team Pack items review!
36.  LEGO Dimensions
37.  LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack items review!
38.  LEGO Dimensions
39.  LEGO Dimensions
40.  Build with me: LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Tardis & K-9
41.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Fun Pack items review!
42.  ALL 50+ LEGO Dimensions Figures & Vehicles together - wave 1!
43.  How it Works: LEGO Dimensions minifigs, bases, & builds!
44.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Jurassic World Team Pack items review!
45.  LEGO Dimensions
46.  LEGO Dimensions
47.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Legends of Chima Fun Pack items reviewed!
48.  LEGO Dimensions
49.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Cyborg & Wonder Woman Fun Pack items reviewed!
50.  LEGO Dimensions
51.  Build with me: LEGO Dimensions Back To The Future DeLorean & Hoverboard
52.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Back To The Future Level Pack items reviewed!
53.  LEGO Dimensions
54.  LEGO Dimensions gameplay
55.  LEGO Dimensions
56.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Lord of the Rings figures & items reviewed!
57.  LEGO Dimensions
58.  LEGO Dimensions
59.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Scooby-Doo Team Pack items review
60.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Simpsons Level Pack items reviewed
61.  LEGO Dimensions gameplay
62.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Ninjago fun packs reviewed!
63.  LEGO Dimensions
64.  Build with me: LEGO Dimensions Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine & Snack
65.  Build with me: LEGO Dimensions Homer Simpsons car & TV
66.  LEGO Dimensions toys: LEGO Movie fun packs reviewed!
67.  LEGO Dimensions gameplay
68.  LEGO Dimensions
69.  Build with me: LEGO Dimensions Emmet's Excavator + Bad Cop's Police Car
70.  Build with me: LEGO Dimensions Benny's Spaceship v1
71.  LEGO Dimensions toys: Portal 2 level pack items review!
72.  LEGO Dimensions
73.  LEGO Dimensions
74.  Build with me: LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Sentry Turret & Companion Cube
75.  LEGO Dimensions
76.  LEGO Dimensions release haul! ALL the things!
77.  Build with me: LEGO Dimensions Batmobile v1
78.  LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack Unboxed!
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