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史前動物 | Dinosaurs - Encyclopedia
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1.  Torvosaurus The Savage Lizard (TDF Facts)
2.  Zhuchengtyrannus Tyrant Of China (TDF Facts)
3.  Wendiceratops Early Tank (TDF Facts)
4.  Coelophysis Ancient Dinosaur (TDF Facts)
5.  Allosaurus The King Of The Jurassic (TDF facts)
6.  Stegosaurus Spike Tail (TDF Facts)
7.  Dakotaraptor American Bandit (TDF Facts)
8.  Triceratops Prehistoric Tank (TDF Facts)
9.  Tyrannotitan Giant Killer (TDF Facts)
10.  Monolophosaurus Crested Killer (TDF Facts)
11.  Majungasaurus The Cannibal Dinosaur (TDF Facts)
12.  Saurophaganax Monster Of The Jurassic (TDF Facts)
13.  Oviraptor The Egg Thief (TDF Facts)
14.  Troodon The Smart Killer (TDF Facts)
15.  Tyrannosaurus Rex The King (TDF FACTS)
16.  Therizinosaurus The Scythe Lizard (TDF Facts)
17.  Utahraptor Prehistoric Butcher (TDF Facts)
18.  Tarbosaurus Tyrant Of Asia (TDF Facts)
19.  Suchomimus The Crocodile Mimic (TDF Facts)
20.  Ceratosaurus The Horned Killer (TDF Facts)
21.  Spinosaurus Sail Backed Terror (TDF Facts)
22.  Brachiosaurus A Gentle Giant (TDF Facts)
23.  Neovenator The New Hunter (TDF Facts)
24.  Iguanodon (TDF Facts)
25.  Yutyrannus The Feathered Tyrant (TDF Facts)
26.  Parasaurolophus The Duckbilled Siren (TDF Facts)
27.  Giganotosaurus The Giant Predator (TDF Facts)
28.  Ankylosaurus A Fortress On Legs (TDF Facts)
29.  Herrerasaurus Ancient Killer (TDF Facts)
30.  Gallimimus A Chicken Mimic (TDF Facts)
31.  Pachycephalosaurus A Thick Headed Dinosaur (TDF Facts)
32.  Carcharodontosaurus The Desert Shark (TDF FACTS)
33.  Ouranosaurus The Brave Reptile (TDF Facts)
34.  Allosaurus The Jurassic King (TDF Facts)
35.  Velociraptor The Fast Killer (TDF Facts)
36.  Carnotaurus The Flesh Eating Bull (TDF Facts)
37.  Baryonyx The Heavy Claw (TDF Facts)
38.  Dilophosaurus Jurassic Killer (TDF Facts)
39.  Argentinosaurus The Earth Shaker (TDF Facts)
40.  Acrocanthosaurus Monster Carnivore (TDF Facts)
41.  Triceratops Prehistoric Tank (TDF Facts)
42.  Tyrannosaurus Rex The Dinosaur King (TDF Facts)
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