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Sport & Workout Indoor Zumba

Zumba with Elo
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45  /  45 Videos
1.  "Sayonara"- Zumba®Fitness (salsa)
2.  Sean Paul ft Dua lipa - "No Lie"/ Zumba®Fitness (visible que sur ordinateur)
3.  Olly Murs feat. Travie McCoy - "Wrapped Up"/ Zumba®Fitness
4.  "Sacude" - Zumba®Fitness
5.  "Vente Pa'ca" - Ricky Martin ft Maluma/Zumba®fitness
6.  "Bicicleta" - Shakira feat Maluma/Zumba®fitness
7.  "Sin Contrato" - Maluma ftFifth Harmony/ Zumba®Fitness
8.  Sak Noel & Salvi ft Sean Paul - "Trumpets "/Zumba®fitness
9.  Farruko ft Pitbull - 'Never let you go"/Zumba®Fitness
10.  "That Love" - Shaggy/Zumba®Fitness
11.  " Sofia" - Alvaro Soler /Zumba®Fitness (Bloqué sur les mobiles)
12.  Jennifer Lopez - "Ain't Your Mama"/Zumba®Fitness
13.  Imany - "Don't be so shy"/ fitness
14.  Meghan Trainor - "Dear Futur Husband" (Jive) Zumba®Fitness
15.  "Can't stop de feeling" - Justin Timberlake /Zumba®Fitness
16.  Cécile - "Hot like we"/ choré Zumba®fitness
17.  Meghan Trainor - " No"/ Zumba®fitness
18.  Sia ft Sean Paul - "Cheap Thrills"/ Zumba®fitness (cooldown)
19.  Hip-Hop feat Zumba® - Konshens "Show Yourself"
20.  Mega Mix 52 - " Sale a bailar"/ Zumba®fitness
21.  Alexandra Burke "Broken Heels" (Jive) Zumba® fitness
22.  Watatah "Remenea" Mega mix 50 -Merengue - chore Zumba® by Elo Zumba
23.  Cécile - "Tie Him"/ choré Zumba® Fitness
24.  Willi Chirino "Los Campaeones de la salsa"/ choré zumba® by Elo Zumba (salsa)
25.  "Sorry" Justin B. feat J.Balvin (remix) chore Zumba® by Elo Zumba (visible que sur PC)
26.  Machel Montano - "Float"/ Zumba® Soca choré by Elo Zumba
27.  Mikaben feat J.Perry - "Ti Pam Nan"/choré by Elo Zumba®
28.  Fuse ODG - "Only" chore Zumba® by Elo Zumba
29.  Pitbull feat Mohombi & Wisin "Baddest Girl in Town"chore Zumba® by Elo Zumba et Aurore Zumba Fit
30.  Machel Montano feat Sean Paul & Major Lazer - "One Wine" chore Zumba® by Elo Zumba
31.  Skinny Fabulous "Head bad"/ choré by Elo Zumba® (Soca)
32.  Daddy Yankee - "El ritmo no perdonna"/ chore by Elo zumba
33.  Zumba kids - Uptown funk&Alingo
34.  J.Perry "Konsey"/ Soca (Zin 57)
35.  Ricky Martin feat Pitbull - "Mr. Put It Down"/ chore by Elo Zumba®
36.  Wisin feat Sean Paul - "baby danger"/Zumba choré by Elo Zumba
37.  J Perry feat Shabba & Izolan - "Dekole"/Zumba® choré by Elo Zumba
38.  Lee mashup ft. Stone warley and co "Au top du top"/ Choré Zumba® by Aurore et Elo Zumba
39.  Zumba kids Jr - Pitbull feat John Ryan - Fireball
40.  Zumba kids - Juan Magan "Si no te quisiera"
41.  Chorégraphie Casanova "Dimelo" by Elo Zumba
42.  Doutson feat. Steeve Aston - "Dingue" / Zumba choreo by Elo Zumba
43.  Défi zumba de l'été : chorée "C WOW" by Bodyfitness Epernon
44.  Défi zumba de l'été : chorée "C WOW" by SDCL Center (Maurepas)
45.  Dj Mam's feat Tony Gomez - Chiki Chiki - Zumba
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