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Brian Joo 브라이언 주朱玟奎
  3 個評分
26  /  26 Videos
1.  FLY TO THE SKY (플라이 투 더 스카이) - 너를 너를 너를 (You You You) MV
2.  Brian Joo (브라이언) - Let This Die (Extended Eng Ver.)
3.  Brian - 백마를 두고 온 왕자 MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul]
4.  Brian Joo 브라이언 - Let This Die 너 따윈 버리고 [English Version] ft. Flowsik (Rap Cover by: Josh Gee) HD
5.  Brian Joo (브라이언 주) - Love, It's Over Now MV [Eng Sub] HD
6.  Brian Joo (브라이언) - 너 따윈 버리고 (feat. Tiger JK) [MV ENG SUB]
7.  브라이언 (Brian Joo) - Let This Die (Extended Eng Ver.)
8.  Brian Joo Ft. Tiger JK - Taking leave of you MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD
9.  브라이언(Brian Joo) - 너 따윈 버리고(Let This Die) (Feat. 타이거 JK)
10.  Brian Joo Feat. JK - Let This Die(english sub+rom+hangul) DL
11.  Brian Joo - 05. Can t Stop (Eng Ver.) (Feat. Jay Park & Dumbfoundead)
12.  Brian Joo - Loved, It's Over Now (ENGLISH VERSION)
13.  [Eng-Karaoke] Brian Joo Ft New Heights - Domino (Acoustic)
14.  Brian Joo- Erase lyrics [Eng. | Rom. | Han.]
15.  Brian(브라이언) - Domino(눈물의 구성요소 Eng Ver.)
16.  [DL] Brian Joo - First Date
17.  {Sing-a-long} Brian Joo - My Girl [ENG SUB]
18.  브라이언 (Brian) - In My Head (Official Video)
19.  Brian Joo - Tears Run Dry (English version) with lyrics
20.  브라이언 - 사랑하다 끝났어(Loved, It's over now) Music Video
21.  [AUDIO] 브라이언 (Brian Joo) - Bullet (English Version)
22.  Brian Joo | In My Head [HQ:MV] (ENG SUB)
23.  Brian Joo - Tears Run Dry (Eng. Ver.)
24.  Brian Joo - A Friends Girl I Fell With (feating Tablo & Mithra Jin).mp4
25.  Brian Joon - Do It (english)
26.  All I know - Brian Joo [with lyrics]
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