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Travel North / South America Overview

Travel -US -Philadelphia
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1.  Minting Coins at the Philadelphia Mint "How They Make Money" ~ 1940
2.  Pennsylvania Turnpike Travel: "Roads to Romance" 1951 Chevrolet; '51 Chevy
3.  Electric Power: "All The King's Horses" 1926 Philadelphia Electric Company
4.  Philadelphia Architecture: "Form, Design and the City" 1962 Reynolds Metals Co.; Edmund Bacon
5.  Philadelphia: "Miracle on the Delaware" 1955 WPTZ Motion Picture Unit
6.  Sazon Restaurant Famous Hot Chocolate CBS 3 EyeWitness News Philadelphia
7.  Marmont Steakhouse and Bar
8.  Kabobeesh Restaurant-Philadelphia
9.  Philadelphia Aerial Footage
10.  Tour the USS Becuna
11.  Penn's View Hotel
12.  Brauhaus Schmitz Philadelphia
13.  Hampton Inn Philadelphia Airport
14.  Philly Cheesesteaks at Campos with Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross
15.  City Tavern Restaurant
16.  Manayunk, Pennsylvania
17.  Philadelphia Airport Marketplace Food & Shops
18.  Ultimo Coffee - Custom Brew Bar
19.  Rembrandt's Philadelphia
20.  Buckhead Saloon
21.  Jim's Steaks Philadelphia
22.  Independent Hotel Philadelphia
23.  The National at Old City - 130 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia PA
24.  Eat & Run in Philadelphia
25.  Swanky Bubbles Restaurant & Champagne Bar Parties Philadelphia
26.  Philadelphia Zoo Lion Sneezing
27.  Skyline Shots of Philadelphia
28.  Old City Cheese Shop and Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA
29.  Rodin Museum - Philadelphia
30.  Urban Saloon Restaurant Philadelphia
31.  Landing in Philadelphia
32.  takeoff from Philadelphia
33.  Philadelphia Trolleys
34.  Vintage Philadelphia Film Footage
35.  Richard Nixon Recommends a Restaurant in Philly
36.  A Day Trip Through Historic Philadelphia
37.  Documentary Clip: Philadephia Museum of Art
38.  Henri Maillardet's Automaton at The Franklin Institute Scien
39.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Travel Video Profile
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