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Travel North / South America Overview

Travel -US -Miami
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1.  Florida Travel: "Harmony in Florida" 1942 United Specialists; Florida Travelogue
2.  "Jet National / Miami Go-Go" Boeing 727 National Airlines Commercial circa 1965
3.  Miami Travel: "Where the Sun Reigns" ~ 1955 Greater Miami Dade County
4.  Florida's Native Americans: Seminoles of the Everglades 1949 Lorillard
5.  Sea Turtle Fishing Near Miami, Florida 1937 Chevrolet Leader News Newsreel Vol 3 No 2 2min
6.  Miami Police Practice Shooting from Car 1936 Chevrolet Newsreel
7.  Great Miami Hurricane: "Miami, The Magic City" 1926 Prelinger Archive
8.  Balloon Camera Monitors Miami Intersections 1939 Chevrolet Newsreel
9.  Key West to Miami Highway Construction 1935 Chevrolet Newsreel; US 1, Overseas Highway
10.  Florida Travelogue: Harmony in Florida 1942 United Specialists; Florida Travel
11.  Hurricane Wilma Video - Miami Beach, Florida
12.  Miami Travel: "Where the Sun Reigns" circa 1955 14min
13.  Miami: Sole on the Ocean - Guest Reviews
14.  Miami: Sole on the Ocean - Room Types
15.  Coral Gables Florida Travel: "Roads to Romance" 1950 Chevrolet
16.  South Beach Miami: 4-Star Sense South Beach - Room Types
17.  South Beach Miami: Catalina Hotel and Beach Club - Guest Reviews
18.  South Beach Miami: Lords South Beach Hotel - Room Types
19.  South Beach Miami: Catalina Hotel and Beach Club South Beach - Room Types
20.  South Beach Miami: Casa Grande Suite Hotel and Spa - Guest Reviews
21.  The Birth of Miami
22.  South Beach Miami: Casa Grande Suite Hotel and Spa - Room Types
23.  South Beach Miami: 4-Star Sense South Beach - Guest Reviews
24.  Sony HDR-CX100 Tour of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, South Beach, Florida Keys, Key West
25.  Vizcaya Museum and Gardens at Miami, Florida in High Definition - 2009
26.  The Orange Bowl Stadium Movie
27.  Brickell Key
28.  Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice)
29.  NCL Norwegian Sky Departing Port of Miami, Florida
30.  Miami Orange Bowl History DVD (allCanes.com)
31.  Narrated Bus Tour in South Beach, Miami
32.  History of the Miami Police Department
33.  Lincoln Road Mall
34.  Bayside Miami
35.  Cape Florida Lighthouse in Key Biscayne
36.  Miami airport 1951
37.  Fast tour Star Island Miami in a Lamborghini
38.  Scuba Diving in Miami Beach
39.  Flying over Miami
40.  Miami Airport Landing MIA
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