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Open Courses English Learning Kids

Vocabulary -Kids Online English - The Family and Greeting People - Who are you ; Whats your name?
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1.  Family Member Introductions 11: Kids English Conversation - Meeting people
2.  Family Member Introductions pt.6: Animated English Grammar Cartoon for Kids
3.  Family Member Introductions pt.5: Animated English Vocabulary Cartoon for Kids
4.  Family Member Introductions pt.1: English Vocabulary for Kids - Pum-world Characters
5.  Family Member Introductions pt.2: English Vocabulary for Kids - Pum-world Characters
6.  Family Member Introductions pt.7: English Classroom Listen & Repeat for Kids - is / are
7.  Family Member Introductions pt.9: Kids English Conversation - "Hello, who are you?"
8.  Family Member Introductions pt.3: English Classroom Student Introductions for Kids by Pumkin.com
9.  Family Member Introductions 10: Kids English Conversation - Meeting people - "Who is she?"
10.  Family Member Introductions pt.4: English Song for Kids - "Who is it?" "Who are they?"
11.  Family Member Introductions pt.8: English Question & Answer "Who is he/she?" "Who are they?"
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Tags: Vocabulary Kids Online English The Family & Greeting People "Who are you?" "What's your name?"